The Coronel-Endaya Foundation is able to do what it does because of the incredible people who believe in the foundation's mission and vision, who champion education, and who seek to help those in need. The time, generosity, donations, prayers, and support of our compassionate Sponsors and kind-hearted Donors allow the Foundation to make a difference in the lives of others, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

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Sponsor & Donor Classifications

DONORS are individuals who have generously provided support to the Coronel-Endaya Foundation and its many programs.

Platinum Donor: $1000+

Gold Donor: $500 - $999

Silver Donor: $300 - $499

Bronze Donor: $100 - $299

General Donor: $1 - $99

SPONSORS are individuals who have enthusiastically provided support specifically to the Coronel-Endaya Foundation's Scholarship Program and have committed to supporting a student for the entire academic school year.

Elementary: Grade 1 - Grade 6

Junior High School: Grade 7 to Grade 10

Senior High School: Grade 11 to Grade 12

College: First Year to Fourth Year

Platinum Sponsor: 10+ students

Gold Sponsor: 5 students

Silver Sponsor: 3-4 students

Bronze Sponsor: 2 students

General Sponsor: 1 student



Under Passion Planner's Get One, Given One program, (for every planner sold, funds and planners will be donated to nonprofit organizations who are doing great work in their communities) founder Angelia Trinidad, a Filipina-American and UCLA Graduate, and Chelsea from the Passion Planner Team, agreed to donate150 passion planners to the Coronel-Endaya Foundation on August 12, 2021 to help support our efforts in education for underserved youth.

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Not pictured:

Mrs. Kristine Cabebe - Bronze Donor (January 2021)

Mr. Mike Kutscherenko & Mrs. Anna Kutscherenko - General In-Kind Donor (February 2021)


Scholarship Sponsor Online Application